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Always feel free to call our toll free number during regular business hours: 877-784-1011

1201 E. 2nd, Defiance, Ohio, 43512

102 S. Main, Continental, Ohio, 45831

You can always call our 24 hour emergency number 888-404-0550, and a representative from Okuley’s Pharmacy will return your call.

To ensure that our service meets your total satisfaction, we ask you to describe completely any problem, suggestions, concerns, or compliments you may have. This completed form will be routed directly to the owners, who will promptly review this concern and will make verbal or written communications with you to assure you the problems will be corrected and compliments will be shared.

Our business values the privacy of its patients and is committed to operating our business in a manner that promotes patient confidentiality while providing high quality patient care. If we have fallen short of this goal, we want you to notify us. Please be assured that your complaint will be kept confidential. Please use the space provided below to describe your complaint or compliment. We appreciate your candid comments as well as your assistance in helping us to continually improve our service to our many and valued customers.

If your problem was not resolved by a phone call, you may call:

Medicare at 1-877-299-7900
JCAHO at 1-800-994-6610.
Patient Communication / Suggestion Form
Feel free to click here to print the PDF version of the form and fax it to us at 419-784-4777.

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